Doing Something During Quarantine – Day 5

To do: Listen to Neville Goddard and Joe Dispenza.

What I will need: Internet access and an open mind, coz this one's all about the mind!

My sister, Priscilla, suggested this to me. She absolutely admires and follows Neville Goddard and Joe Dispenza’s teachings and is convinced that they have changed her life for the better. Hence, she requested me to listen to them. She sent me a long list. I chose, for this exercise, to listen to Neville Goddard’s, How to Manifest Your Life Using Imagination. I am keeping Joe Dispenza’s podcasts for another day.

I listened to the talk at least twice. Because, it is deep. It is not at the level of being that I am at on a day-to-day basis. I had to concentrate hard to understand what Neville was saying. (Also, his accent is a little difficult for me to follow.)

So, I furrowed my brows, closed my eyes, shut everything off, and heard him out!

The Wonderful Power of Your Imagination!

Neville Goddard was a prophet, teacher, and an author. And, he revealed to the world the law of imagining, and…he had a lovely strong voice!

What is the law of imagining? According to Neville Goddard, a person can create the reality of what they desire by just imagining it. And then, it will come to pass. How is that done? It is quite a simple process:

  • Know what you want in life: This is the most important part. There is no point in going through with this process if you do not know what you want. Whatever it is, a job, a house, a spouse, a car, or anything else. Know it first!

  • Think from what you want and not of what you want: This may seem confusing. But, believe me, it is not. Thinking from what you want means simply living that reality in your imagination.

Alright, let me go ahead and explain these two points through an example.

What do I want? To travel to Norway

How do I make it a reality? Just before I go to sleep, I am going to imagine myself in Norway, standing at the beach and seeing the Aurora Borealis. I am going to imagine how the sand feels under my feet, what the colorful lights in the sky are making me feel. I am going to imagine every detail as vividly as possible like I am there. And, while imagining this I should fall in to sleep.

I must practice this form of imagining every night and go to sleep in that state of mind, and in no time, according to Neville Goddard, I will be seeing the Aurora Borealis.

Apparently, a lot of people have benefited from this way of thinking. Why does it work? Because, we all have God within us, and that automatically makes us creators. So, we can create the life we want through our imagination. And where our imagination is, there is reality.

A lot of people are going to be skeptical about this. I know. I myself was, many times, while listening to the podcast.

I had or still have so many questions! What if someone uses this to do the wrong things? Would it still work? (I am sure my sister is going to come to my rescue and answer them for me.) Then, I began to think about all those people who sold or will sell their souls to the devil in return for what they want in life. If only they knew there is a safer and much easier approach!

However, I have decided to set my doubts aside and try this out. No harm in trying, right?

My goal is to find a job using the power of my imagination! We all know how bad the employment situation is at this moment. I think this is the best challenge this technique can be faced with. If it can help me find a job at this time when all the markets are crashing, I will not cease to write more about it until the end of my life! I am not joking. I am really going to try it from tonight. I am excited!

If anyone reading would like to try it too, please do! And if you are comfortable, let us know what you would like to achieve in the comments section below. You could even do it in secret. Nobody has to know.

I have written only about one part of Neville Goddard’s discourse in this blog. There is a lot more he talks about and you can listen to it all here. It is a video. I would recommend you skip the video, though. One, the video does not match the audio until later. Second, the scene changes every two seconds and there is a lot of camera movement. If you are someone who gets nauseous by seeing constant movement, this video might not be for you.

On the other hand, if seeing the interiors of a lavish home is your thing, you might not want to skip the video. It could even provide inspiration for someone’s imagination!

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