Doing Something During Quarantine - The Introduction

Updated: May 17, 2020

It is a little over two months since I have been at home. With the Covid-19 situation, more than 21 days of these two months have been spent in lockdown, which means staying put. Recently, we received news that the lockdown in India would further be extended until the 3rd of May 2020!

It is not easy. It is not easy to just be at home and not have the freedom to do something when you want to. Who would have thought we would have to maintain distance from people? And in a country like India where we have a lot of people! Earlier, I would have said, “Impossible!”. But, seeing how the pandemic has brought the whole world down to its knees, I have learnt that anything is possible. Now, I sit and think about all the things we took for granted, just being out and about, that seem so surreal at this moment.

But, let's try to look at the glass as half full.

I'm sure this period is teaching us all many lessons. Two biggest lessons I have learnt, apart from anything being possible, are:

  1. We do not ‘need’ much to get through in life. It is the ‘wants’ that make life difficult or complicated for us.

  2. We, human beings, are extremely limited in every way. We think we are all that, but we are not. We are weak, we are fragile, and we need help: from God, from nature, and from each other.

Another unrelated thing that I learned to be true is that distance does make the heart grow fonder! If you had a crush on someone and thought this period of lockdown would help you get over the person, like I thought it would, that is not happening. Apparently, it does not work that way. :)

Coming back on track, I also realized something about myself. This is something I knew before but would not acknowledge. Now I had to because it hit me right in the face. The thing is, I do not know how to use my time wisely.

I am hopeful that with time I will learn how to use time well. But as of now, I don't. I know there are a million things I can do to spend my time effectively and productively and to better myself in every way, but I just cannot or do not do them. These days, apart from working out, I cannot motivate myself to do anything. Therefore, in order to stop myself from feeling useless, hopeless, and like I'm just wasting time, I decided to take help from a few friends and family members. I asked about fifteen people to suggest something they would want me to do/learn during these days. I mentioned to them that the task they suggest should not take more than a day. About ten of them got back to me with their suggestions.

The idea behind this exercise, (if I can call it that) apart from wanting to spend time well, is to learn something new every day. Some of the suggestions I have received are fun and challenging, so they are going to push me out of my comfort zone. And, I am going to document what I do every day over here. It is going to be fun and I am glad to be sharing this journey with you!

Here is the list of suggestions I received:

  • Meditate for 15 minutes while focusing on your breathing.

  • Learn to dance to “I Don’t Care” by Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran.

  • Learn the Cup challenge and the song.

  • Read A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman.

  • Read and write a review of The Death of Ivan Ilych by Leo Tolstoy.

  • Play the game Sky: Children of Light

  • Listen to Neville Goddard and Joe Dispenza.

  • Watch videos by the Fire channel on YouTube.

  • Listen to Andrew Wommack's sermons.

  • Watch videos about Dungeons & Dragons.

  • Write about my most memorable travel experience.

  • Memorize a Psalm from the Bible.

  • Do one thing I fear doing and watch The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

To add an element of surprise to all of this, I wrote down the names of everyone who recommended tasks to me and put them in a box. I decided to draw a name at the start of every day instead of deciding on my own what I would do.

P.S. By the time I got to writing this, I had already finished the first day’s task, which I chose myself because the idea of picking names occurred to me only after. Obviously, I chose the easiest of the lot for the first day!

So, here’s to doing something during quarantine

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